Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Watch Universe Leadership Battle in Jupiter Ascending (2014) this June

This summer charge your senses with science fiction movie Jupiter Ascending (2014). Jupiter Ascending (2014) is going to introduce a phenomenal character Jupiter Jones. The night Jupiter Jones was born the stars revised their positions and predicted a grim future of the Queen of Universe to her. Jupiter Jones found carrying the DNA similar to that of the Queen of Universe. The match up depicts that the next Queen of the Universe will be Jupiter Jones. This prediction messes up the peace of mind of the Queen of Universe. Jupiter Jones is an alarming figure to the status of the current Queen of Universe. 

All the time she is up to now is devising plans against Jupiter Jones. On the other hand, Jupiter Jones is just a simple and common girl living her life miserably but contented. Jupiter Jones works as a toilet cleaner. All she has to do doing her job responsibly. One day the reality of herself discloses to her by the man Caine sent by the Queen of Universe. Caine is on his mission to finish Jupiter Jones on the commands of the Queen of Universe. Caine is genetically engineered and working as an ex-military hunter. 

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Queen of Universe believes him to be the person who can do the job for her. The appearance of Caine is astonishing to Jupiter Jones. Jupiter Jones recognizes herself and get ready to step into the new journey of her life. Becoming the leader of Universe is not a small thing. Jupiter Jones has some outstanding abilities and she has to align them to take over her true place. The furious war starts up between the Queen of Universe and Jupiter Jones. Jupiter Ascending (2014) is exciting movie to watch by July 18, 2014 to add the thrilling fun to your life.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Million Dollar Arm (2014) the Baseball Sensation Movie

Either you are a baseball fan or not, Million Dollar Arm (2014) is must to watch for all. Not only it displays the journey of two young baseball pitchers journey but it also narrates the story of a great baseball sports agent JB Bernstein. This baseball sport agent goes through his recession time after enjoying the boom time of his career.

His partner Aash suggests him to take some step in order to regain their prior position among their rival. JB Bernstein chalks out a competition to hold in Mumbai to sort out and select two baseball pitchers for his weak team. Because of this grand competition,

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Transcendence (2014): Watch Johnny Depp Downloading His Brain into Computer

Transcendence (2014) Short Review

This April you are going to watch Johnny Depp in another freaky character of a researcher. Yes, Johnny Depp is appearing as an artificial intelligence researcher named Dr. Will Caster. Get the nerd Dr. Will Caster in none other but the Transcendence (2014). Transcendence (2014) is an American movie coming to your way with science fiction and thrilling action. Dr. Will Caster is up to attaining power to take control over. He initiates an idea, the idea of transferring his own brain and mindset to the computer. By this way, he tries to download his mind into that computer. 

Injecting his own intelligence into a machine makes his stakes suspicious to the people who are not much supporting towards the rapid and high advancement of the technology. The ill intensions of Dr. Will Caster are smell by his opponents. They try hard to stop him to do so. In Transcendence (2014) movie character Dr. Will Caster’s spouse Evelyn and best friend Max Waters also see him with weird eyes. They call asking him about the real reasons for he is after such a freaky thing. Despite of all the Dr. Will Caster’s replies regarding the need of his idea implication, he fails to convince his spouse and best friend. 

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The damn desire of implementation of his idea does not pay attention to any of the resistance by other people. Battling through all the hurdles and resistance, Dr. Will Caster successfully meets his goal. Now what actually he is trying to do is a surprise. The power gain through such a freaky workout sounds like backing some big intention. Transcendence (2014) has directed and written by Wally Pfister. Transcendence (2014) will hit the big screen on April 18, 2014 in United States. Just be ready to watch Johnny Depp taking to you to the world of science and technology with a evil kind of intentions.