Monday, 10 February 2014

Million Dollar Arm (2014) the Baseball Sensation Movie

Either you are a baseball fan or not, Million Dollar Arm (2014) is must to watch for all. Not only it displays the journey of two young baseball pitchers journey but it also narrates the story of a great baseball sports agent JB Bernstein. This baseball sport agent goes through his recession time after enjoying the boom time of his career.

His partner Aash suggests him to take some step in order to regain their prior position among their rival. JB Bernstein chalks out a competition to hold in Mumbai to sort out and select two baseball pitchers for his weak team. Because of this grand competition,
Rinku and Dinesh are selected out of 40,000 contestants. Under the supervision and training of baseball coach Tom House, both are further furnish to go for the league team.

Rinku and Dinesh worked hard and happened to be the creator of strong bond among the agent, coach and team. They all stand together to face the thick and thin. Their compatibility rose through their sincere devotion towards their mutual goal. Now their harmonized team is the best of all to confront any tough match. Rinku and Dinesh happened to be lucky signs for the drowning team of JB Bernstein and Aash. The success surrounds them once again but this time they are connected with each other through care, respect and harmony. 

Million Dollar Arm (2014) offers you experiencing vicissitudes of life. Million Dollar Arm (2014) is produce by Joe Roth, Mark Ciardi and Gordon Gray. Craig Gillespie is the director, Tom McCarthy is the writer and Walt Disney Studios and Motion Pictures have the distribution rights of Million Dollar Arm (2014). Do not forget to grab your ticket to watch this superb movie on May 16, 2014. Million Dollar Arm (2014) is a true story indeed. I observe people love some actors and actresses but I only love best performances. A performer must have some best performances and some bad ones; So I love only best performances. Though I like some hot female celebrities; I like to watch sexy actress pictures; these photos are awesome.